Toronto Mobile Event Internet

Fast & reliable internet for you event
at an affordable price

Now you get blazing fast internet for your next event without the need to bring in any infrastructure. Our mobile Internet solution is perfect for location that either don't have fast enough Internet already or are grossly overpriced (as many hotels and conference centers are).

Our mobile Internet can be deployed at your event with less than 1-hour setup and uses bonded cellular technology to give you a fast and reliable uplink to the web. Our customers around the GTA have seen speeds upwards of 60mbs up and down for blazing fast data transfer. Using our bonded technology we're able to connect to the Rogers, Bell and Telus cell towers simultaneously. Our system constantly pings the towers to determine which provides the fasts connection and prioritizes that one. It then load balances your usage over all 3 carriers for the greatest reliability. This solution is much more robust, faster, and reliable than using a rocket hub or other mobile streaming stick.

For those events that are venues with lot's of conrete, or underground, cellular siganls can be very weak or non-existant. However, as long as we can run a cable down to where you're setup, then we can still provide you high speed Internet by setting up our tower and access point out side. Our equipment is weatherproof and as long as it is in a secured, it can be mounted outside where it can receive the best signal.

With super fast LTE speeds your Internet feed can be used for streaming or sending live video as well as providing access to your entire production team. For events wanting to provide wifi access to all their guests, we can setup multiple access points that load balance between them offering fast a reliable access for everyone while prioritizing your event teams connection through quality of service (QoS) configuration.

It's not easy to get fast Internet on-site at your next event. We service the entire GTA and offer same day or pre-event setup, and discounts for multiple event days. Once the equipment is installed on-site you simply pay for usage that over and above what's included in the essential package listed below. Stop dealing with over priced and under performing Internet at the venue and give us a call to get your whole team connected.

Mobile Internet for any event in any venue

Remote Live Streaming
Event Prodcution Teams
Pop-up Activations
Street Festivals
Construction Sites
Film Productions

A mobile Internet package that suits your event

Essential Package Includes

GTA delivery & pickup
Bonded cellular infustructure
5gb data included
Main & guest network access
Wired connections for streaming or mission critical devices
Wifi access for up to 50 users
Simultaneous downlinks from Rogers, Bell & Telus
Untrottled speeds up to 60/60
Dedicated account manager
Fast setup & deployment

Optional Add-Ons

Delivery and setup outside the GTA
Multiple access points
Wifi users 51-500
Failover for existing wired or wifi networks
On-site 24/7 monitoring
Bandwidth above 5gb
Quality of service configuration (QoS)
Next day rush services

Ready for fast and affordable internet for your event?