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At Eventstream, we’ve spent the last five years testing out webcasting platforms. Of all the ones we’ve tested, none of them met our requirements for what we wanted to offer our clients. They needed to be simple to use, intuitive for the viewers, cross platform and device compatible, scalable to hundreds or thousands of viewers, and of course affordable. We knew we didn’t want to resell a platform that we wouldn’t want to use ourself. After many strikeouts, we couldn’t find a platform that fit all our criteria.

We have since decided to build our own platform. One that we know offers you everything that’s important in a webcasting platform including stability, scalability, interactivity, and affordability. The feedback so far has been great, and it’s become an ideal compliment to our white glove, on-site webcasting services.

Please see below for some of the platform features, and if you’d like to give the platform a trial run to see what it’s capable of, please contact us, and we’d be happy to give you a full demo.



Eventstream uses Eventbrite for tickets and registration. Eventbrite is the largest self-service ticketing platform in the world, and is completely free to use for events that do not charge a ticket fee. With Eventbrite you can create customized webcast tickets either in conjunction with a physical event, or as a stand alone virtual event. You can track all the people who register for your event in realtime and make changes to your event pages at any time. You can also embed the ticket widget directly on your website to make it easy for your website visitors to register. Eventbrite sold 80 million tickets in 2014 across 1.7 million events and many of your webcast attendees will likely be familiar with their registration process. It is simply the best registration platform in the world, which is why we've integrated into Eventstream.

register usrs

Register any number of viewers for your event

sell tickets

Sell tickets or allows free access

customize event

Customize your event pages

track registrations

Track registrations in real-time

email updates

Send email updates and reminders to your attendees

promote your event

Promote your stream with custom widgets and social tools

eventbrite directory

List your stream in the Eventbrite directory

on-demand events

Create registrations for on-demand events


eventbrite registration

Eventbrite registration

Easily register your viewers with Eventbrite with a free or paid ticket. You can use their promotional tools to promote your event, and send targeted follow up email reminder.

secure streaming

Secure streaming

Only viewers who have a ticket from Eventbrite or your master password from you can access your live stream. All other attempts will be denied.

audience questions

Audience questions

Take audience questions with our handy questions box located right below the player. The moderator can view all the questions coming in and highlight the ones worth answering.

live messaging

Live messaging

Push instant updates through the live messaging section to alert your viewers about important news. Send as many updates as you like, as often as you want.

cross platform

Cross platform

The responsive platform interface works across all devices and browser types. No plugins or apps are needed as the window will automatically be scaled to your viewers device.

customize viewing page

Customize viewing pages

Add your company logo, a banner image, and change the background color of your viewing page to match your events branding. You can easily make changes to your viewing page with just a couple clicks.

stream analytics

Realtime stream analytics

Eventbrite will give you a list of everyone who registered for your live stream, and we’ll tell you exactly who attended, what time they arrived, and how long they watched for. All your data is exportable too in CSV format.

on-demand replays

On-demand replays

Eventstream works for you on-demand events too. Add a replay as if it was live, or give previous registrants access to watch your stream again. You can even user previously recorded videos instead of live ones.


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auto scales your audience

Deeply integrated in the Eventstream platform

works on all devices

Whitelabeld HTML 5 player

detailed analytics

Live transcoding and transmuxing

bonded internet

Automatic server side recording

auto scales your audience

Multi-bitrate adaptive playback

works on all devices

Stream usage stats

detailed analytics

Stream securily

bonded internet



To see an example of what your viewers will see once your webcast begins, enter your name and click the 'enter' button below. The webcast will start instantly and you'll be able to test out the questions panel. This launch widget can be placed directly on your website to allow viewers to access your webcast.


Want to see the platform in action, and give it a trial run before for your event? Simply contact us and we'll setup a time to walk you through it.


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