Virtual Event Platform for Secure and Interactive Webcasts

Kastio is our custom developed secure
webcasting platform offered exclusively to our clients

Supporting both virtual and hybrid events

eventsream platform

When Eventstream was founded back in 2011 we choose to develop our own internal virtual events platform that would be perfectly integrated into our service offering. Since then, Kastio (our platform) has hosted over 5000 virtual and hybrid. With Kastio your attendees get a beautifully designed platform that's easy to use and requires only a web browser to participate. There's nothing to download or install so it works across all IT systems.

And since it's developed internally, we're constantly adding new features to it and improving upon it based on our own clients feedback. When using our service at Eventstream, you'll get exclusive access to Kastio for your event which provide bank level security and deep customization to meet the needs of your event with a landing and watch page that match your brands style guidelines.



Eventstream uses Eventbrite for tickets and registration. Eventbrite is the largest self-service ticketing platform in the world, and is completely free to use for events that do not charge a ticket fee. With Eventbrite you can create customized webcast tickets either in conjunction with a physical event, or as a stand alone virtual event. You can track all the people who register for your event in realtime and make changes to your event pages at any time. You can also embed the ticket widget directly on your website to make it easy for your website visitors to register. Eventbrite sold 80 million tickets in 2014 across 1.7 million events and many of your webcast attendees will likely be familiar with their registration process. It is simply the best registration platform in the world, which is why we've integrated into Eventstream.

register usrs

Register any number of viewers for your event

sell tickets

Sell tickets or allows free access

customize event

Customize your event pages

track registrations

Track registrations in real-time

email updates

Send email updates and reminders to your attendees

promote your event

Promote your stream with custom widgets and social tools

eventbrite directory

List your stream in the Eventbrite directory

on-demand events

Create registrations for on-demand events


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auto scales your audience

Deeply integrated in the Eventstream platform

works on all devices

Whitelabeld HTML 5 player

detailed analytics

Live transcoding and transmuxing

bonded internet

Automatic server side recording

auto scales your audience

Multi-bitrate adaptive playback

works on all devices

Stream usage stats

detailed analytics

Stream securily

bonded internet


Everything you need to run your live events

Kastio makes it easy to setup and style registration and watch pages and incorporate your events branding. Change colors, images and text without writing a single line of code, and show or hide only the widgets your want your viewers to see.

Brandable URLs

Easy to remember branded urls such as

Fully Responsive Interface

All pages and players scale automatically to fit any browser and device and there are no plugin downloads required.

Pre-show Image & Countdown

When your event is closed, viewers will see your pre-show image with a countdown. This let's you test your live event in background. Once you're ready to go live simply open the event and your viewers will see your live stream.

Control access to your event with most flexible controls in the industry

With Kastio you can control access to your webcasts either through open registration or through secure password protection. Let users access your event with a simple button click, or require multi-field data collection. You can even embed the registration form on any website you like.

Integrated Registration System

Choose from one of six built in access types including unique passwords, email whitelisting, pay-per-view and geoblock out any territories you like.

Detailed Attendance Reports

Download a report from Kastio at anytime that gives you up to date metrics on your attendees. See your attendance rate, retention, viewer enter/exit time and watch duration. Plus track all the questions that were asked during the event.

Multi-room Support with Zoom Integration

Hosting an event with multiple rooms? Viewers can easily switch between each room, while backend control for each room remains separate. Each room can have a dedicated broadcast or supports a Zoom meeting with integrated breakout sessions.

Dashboard control makes running your event easy

Your live control room shows your production team everything they need to run the live event from a single screen.

Realtime Statistics

Track all the important stats in realtime including viewing watching now, peak viewers, and retention rate.

Team Roles & Permissions

Invite technical team members and client moderators under different permissions structures.

Audience Interaction

Kastio includes a complete suite of tools for interacting and engaging your audience.

  • Public Chat
  • Private Q&A
  • Public Announcements
  • Live Polls
  • Tech Support Chat
  • Third party widgets

Turn your live event into a replay

On-demand playback

Recordings can be made available for viewing after your event finishes. You can choose which ones to show and hide to your viewers, and they can be accessed using the same registration and authorization settings used for live.

Curate your on-demand library

Add section headers and categorize your clips into groups for a full organized VOD page. You can also include clips from third party video sites like YouTube, Vimeo and Wistia to complete your archive.

Even more things to love

Viewership and attendee reports
Have questions from VOD viewers emailed to you
Backup video player with quick changeover
Third party widget support
Multi language support - English and French
Location geoblocking
Post event URL forwarding for sruveys and tests
Event resource center for agenda and downloads
Kick viewers & remove registrations
Calendar reminders
Zoom integration with breakout rooms
Integrated speed test
Dynamically turn chat and Q&A on/off during event
Pre-event system test for browser compatability

Looking for a personalized demo?

Want to see the platform in action, and give it a trial run before for your event? Simply contact us and we'll setup a time to walk you through it.


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