Toronto Event Videography
and Multicam Editing

Complete coverage and post production
for your next event in full HD

With all the effort that goes into producing your live event, it only makes sense to capture a recording of it. Whether it's for archiving, sharing with attendees, or using it to promote future events, recording your event has numerous valuable uses.

Our team comes with decades of experience recording live events, from small town hall meetings, to large stadium concerts. To capture the essence of an event on film (or in this case, data cards), you need to have strategic camera placements, the right lighting and sound, and well-timed editing to bring it all together. We specialize in filming and editing live events and bring an experienced team, and state-of-the-art equipment with us. 

Each event is different and has different requirements which is we choose our recording tools based on your vision. Whether it’s the shallow depth of field that DSLR cinematic cameras bring, or the crisp ENG style camera look of daytime television, we’ll make sure to fit the right tool for your event.

Once captured, our in-house editors take the footage and connect it all together, choosing the best shots to tell the story, and integrating graphics, sound, and PowerPoint slides to keep things interesting. Each video can then be ouput for sharing on YouTube, a USB flash drive or a DVD. We never skimp on quality, and always meet your deadlines to ensure you receive the best recording possible for your budget.



Professional management & on-site support

With Eventstream we’ll guide through every step of the recording process including staffing your event with highly trained technicians to ensure the recording runs smoothly. If you ever have a question, your account manager is here to help any time of the day.

camera selction

Selection of HD and 4k cameras

Choose between a wide selection of cameras from broadcast ENG cameras with studio lenses, to small portable DSLR's and everything in between. As part of our pre-production process, we’ll ensure we have the right tool for the job that meets your standards. 

audio recording

Multitrack audio

Producing an event where audio is of upmost importance like a concert? With multitrack recording each audio channel is recorded separately so you can remix it in the post production phase to ensure the highest fidelity for your broadcast.

imag on screen

Send video feeds to in-house screens

Need to send the camera feed(s) to your in-house screens while simultaneously recording them? We can do that too so everyone one in the venue can see what the cameras are seeing.

multiview monitor

Multi-view client and directors monitors

When recording with multiple cameras it's often helpful to have a multi-view monitor where the director and client ensure that each operator is getting the shots needed for the edit. We have a selection of monitors at various sizes for this purpose.

iso recording

ProRes ISO camera recording

Record in-camera, or at master control using the high quality Apple ProRes format. It looks great and makes editing a breeze.

wireless video

Wireless video transmission

With wireless transmission you can have a roaming camera move about your event unimpeded. It's also great to send signals back from camera supports such as Stedicams and Jibs.

jib support

Grip and camera stabilization support

Want to get that pro look. It’s all in the camera systems. Add a jib, dolly, Stedicam or even a drone to your arsenal and dramatically up the production value of your recording.

editing and post

Multicamera editing

Once all the footage is captured, it needs to be cut together, and we specialize in multi-camera editing. Whether it's an edit of your entire event, creating a demo or sizzle reel, we’ve got you covered.

colour grading

Colour grading

Colour can completely change the tone and feel of your footage and it's one of Hollywood’s greatest tools. We offer colour grading with all our post services to ensure your footage looks its best.

audio and music

Post audio sweetening and music

Want to add music to your edit? We have access to thousands of pre-produced tracks to give some emotion to your footage. Couple that with audio sweetening and mixing of the production audio, and your video will sound great.

export to web and bluray

Exporting to web and DVD/Blu-ray

Once the video is editing we can export numerous formats for you. Whether you need 4k, web HD in h.264, or Blu-ray, we have a variety of encoding and compression tools to fit your footage into the final broadcast format.

Toronto Event Videography Example

The Toronto Symphony Orchestra wanted to capture the kickoff concert for their 2014 European tour at the historic Koerner hall in Toronto with the intention of sharing the recording with their subscribers and the public. They required an HD broadcast, multi-camera look and feel to the shoot with special attention paid to the lead musicians of each section, which still capturing the grand beauty and scale of the Koerner Hall.

With a sold-out house and tight timelines before the tour kicked off, the TSO needed a recording solution that would fit into their budget, and that didn't require many seats removed that were reserved for paying guests. They also required a high fidelity audio recording which was produced by CBC, and married back to the video in post-production ensuring a crystal clear recording of the ensemble.

To meet the client’s goals, Eventstream brought four Sony broadcast cameras, and five Canon DSLR’s to capture every moment throughout the show. We placed the cameras strategically throughout the venue to capture the scale of the show, as well as the minute details such as the plucking of a string. By placing one of the broadcast cameras on a long 24’ camera crane, we were able to capture beautiful sweeping shots over the crowds and the orchestra. The final result was a tasteful balance of shots that combine together to truly enhance the musical journey the musicians take us on. The client was thrilled with the recording, and you can view a sample of it below.

Ready to capture your upcoming event?