In today’s fast paced business world, time and budget restrictions often preclude people from being able to attend events in person. However just because they can't attend doesn't mean they’re not interested in the content being shared at your event. In the past these folks have had to hear about the event from those who attended, by meeting minutes, or through press releases. If they were lucky, perhaps the event was recorded and they could watch the snippets as a recap, but that would usually be days or weeks after the event ended.

Webcasting changes that by allowing viewers to watch events in real-time. Regardless of whether they're employees, association members, prospects, or future customers, they can now watch and interact with your event in real-time, just like they were in the room with you. Webcasting is now easier and more effective than ever, and we work with companies and associations of all sizes to create the optimal viewing experience for your remote attendee.

As part of our full service packages we’ll setup registration, authentication, and an interactive webcasting system for you. We’ll attend your event with our trained technical staff and sync your PowerPoint presentations with multiple high definition cameras to capture and record everything. We’ll manage and monitor the viewers questions, help you launch real-time polls, and capture all the viewing data to share with you after the event.

It's of paramount importance to us that your online webcast meets your viewers’ high quality standards, and is available on whatever device and browser they want to watch it from. The days of low bandwidth, grainy webcasts are over. Let us work with you to provide a best-in-class webcasting experience for your viewers, and provide you with the analytics and registration data you need. With Eventstream’s webcasting services you’ll get a professionally produced webcast and recording of your event that you can use for months and even years to come.




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Professional management & on-site support

With Eventstream we’ll guide through every step of the webcasting process including staffing your event with highly trained technicians to ensure your webcast runs smoothly. If you ever have a question, your account manager is here to help any time of the day.

video and audio capture

High definition audio & video capture

We use the latest camera and audio gear to capture your event in high definition. Audio can be captures from mics we bring, or by a feed from your on-site AV company. Our reputation precedes us for providing the best looking and sounding webcasts in the province.

multi camera switching

Multi-camera switching with custom graphics

Add multiple cameras for seamless transitions during your event. Great for capturing multiple angles and cutting them together for a professional broadcast look. We support up to 8 cameras to capture all of the action.

powerpoint presentation

PowerPoint & Keynote integration

Easily integrate your PowerPoint presentations into your webcast with our unique in-sync integration. See below for some examples of what your webcast can look like with PowerPoint integration.

viewer registration

Viewer registration & email reminders via Eventbrite

Capture viewer registrations and even sell tickets for your webcast with our unique Eventbrite integration. It makes it easy for you to manage your attendees list, send them email updates and reminders, and export all your registrations data at any time.

receive questions

Receive & moderate viewers questions

Take questions from your audience and moderate them in real-time. Send the best questions to your speaker to answer and delete the ones that aren't relevant. We give you full control to manage audience questions easily.

technical support

Phone & email technical support

Our platform is so easy, and intuitive to use we hardly ever get technical support issues, but when they do come, we have a dedicated person to answer them before and during your event so no one is left out from tuning in.

recording for playback

Recording for on-demand playback

Everything we webcast is also recorded so you have easy access to playback the on-demand recording for your audience. Either use the existing Eventstream platform for playback, or take the recording to share on YouTube or another service. We take no ownership over your video so feel free to post it anywhere.

auto scales your audience

Automatically scales from 10 viewers to 10,000

Not sure how many viewers will tune in? Worried about overpaying for bandwidth you don't need? Don’t be. Our service scales to support any number of viewers in realtime so you don't need to worry about overloading the servers. Plus you’ll only pay for who watched, and never more.

works on all devices

Works across all computer and mobile devices

Viewers these days like choice. Some prefer to view on their computer, others it's an iPad, and some prefer to watch on the go on their Android phone. Whatever the device, we support it. No additional plugins or software needed.

detailed analytics

Detailed post-event analytics

Want to know who watched, where they came from and how long they watched for? We’ll provide you a report after your event with all your viewers analytics so you can track their viewing behaviour. If you're providing PD credits you're going to need this data.

bonded internet

Mobile bonded Internet services

Hosting your event somewhere where the Internet is too slow or too expensive (we’re looking at you hotels!). No problem. We can bring a mobile Internet solution to get your webcast up and running without need a hardline. It’s fast and reliable and a great alternative when IT infrastructure is lacking on site.


Here is a replay of a live webcast we produced running on our new webcasting platform. All the edits, and graphics were done live. This webcast features two HD cameras, integrated lower third graphics, and live switching. The webcast was streamed in 720P HD, and was available on all devices. Audio was feed through by the on-site AV partner for the event which took place at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

To access the webcast, type your name and click the 'enter' button below.


We offer a variety of ways your PowerPoint and Keynote presentations can be integrated into your webcast. Take a look at the gallery below and choose the option that suits your event best. These can easily be changed based on what you like best, or between different event sessions. With the unique way in which we group your video and PowerPoint, they’ll always say in sync for the recording. That means you can post the video recording of your webcast anywhere on the Internet and the video and PowerPoint will always be sync’d together.

PowerPoint full screen. Cut between PPT & video
Large PPT on one side, and small video on the other.
Large PPT, and large cropped video on either side
Widescreen PowerPoint with small video in any corner
50/50 PowerPoint and video split. Works for widescreen too.

Planning to webcast your upcoming event?

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