Live streaming now makes it possible to extend the attendees of your event beyond your venue to any city or country in the world. You can now connect your concert, sporting event, festival, school convocation, award show, product launch, or political rally to any viewer with a computer or mobile device.

To ensure your live stream is well received, our dedicated team of production and streaming experts will work with you to bring the same level of quality that you can expect from broadcast television to your live stream. We use the same methods, equipment, and techniques that are used in live television, changing only the transmission method. With these proven tactics you can expect a live stream that's reliable, in high definition, available across all platforms and devices, and full of value-added features such as animated graphics, music, slides, and a live Twitter feed.

Everything we stream is also recorded so you’ll receive an edited copy of your event to keep after to do with as you wish. Along with the recording we’ll provide you with detailed stats on who watched your live stream, where they tuned in from, and how long they watched for.

When it comes to extending the reach of your event, and transmitting a quality stream that’s as reliable as it is entertaining, trust our expertise and commitment to providing you with the best options and service for live streaming your event.




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Professional management & on-site support

With Eventstream we’ll guide through every step of the live streaming process including staffing your event with highly trained technicians to ensure your live stream runs smoothly. If you ever have a question, your account manager is here to help any time of the day.

video and audio capture

High definitiaon audio & video capture

We use the latest cameras and audio gear to capture your event in high definition. Audio can be captured from mics we bring, or via a feed from your on-site AV company. Our reputation precedes us for providing the best looking and sounding liv streams in the province.

multi camera switching

Multi-camera switching with custom graphics

Add multiple cameras for seamless transitions during your event. Great for capturing multiple angles and editing them together for a professional broadcast look. We support up to 8 cameras to capture all of the action.

custom images and media

Graphics, lower thirds & media

Add custom graphics, lower thirds, and media to your live streams. We can also runs commercials for sponsors and add on-screen branding for your event. If they can do it on TV, we can do it on your live stream.

share on social

Embed on your website and social networks

Your live stream comes with a custom embed code that you can put on your website or social networks to share your event. If you don't have a website, we can create a streaming microsite specially tailored for your event.

twitter integration

Twitter integration

Integrate Twitter accounts and hashtags right into your live stream. It's a great way to encourage your audience to engage in your show.

wireless support

Custom camera supports

Want to raise the production value of your event. Add a jib support system, wireless camera, dolly, or Stedicam. These are the tools that are sure to impress your viewers.

recording for playback

Recording for on-demand playback

Everything we live stream is also recorded so you have easy access to playback the on-demand recording for your audience. Either use the existing Eventstream platform for playback, or take the recording to share on YouTube or another service. We take no ownership over your video so feel free to post it anywhere.

auto scales your audience

Automatically scales from 10 viewers to 10,000

Not sure how many viewers will tune in? Worried about overpaying for bandwidth you don't need? Don’t be. Our service scales to support any number of viewers in realtime so you don't need to worry about overloading the servers. Plus you’ll only pay for who watched, and never more.

works on all devices

Works across all computer and mobile devices

Viewers these days like choice. Some prefer to view on their computer, others it's an iPad, and some prefer to watch on the go on their Android phone. Whatever the device, we support it. No additional plugins or software needed. Most importantly we stream over HTML5 and not Flash.

detailed analytics

Detailed post-event analytics

Want to know who watched, where they came from and how long they watched for? We’ll provide you a report after your event with all your viewers analytics so you can track their viewing behaviour.

bonded internet

Mobile bonded Internet services

Hosting your event somewhere where the Internet is too slow or too expensive (we’re looking at you hotels!) No problem. We can bring a mobile Internet solution to get your live stream up and running without need a hardline. It’s fast and reliable and a great alternative when IT infrastructure is lacking on site.


Here is a highlight reel from an event we live streamed called We Day. In a stadium of 16,000 young people we facilitated a 6-camera setup, including a jib and Stedicam, live mix and graphics, and HD live streaming to the web for playbacks on computers and mobile devices.


Then call our live streaming specialist today at 647-799-3490 to learn more about how we can help you, or fill out our easy online form to get your free quote.