Toronto Multi City Video Conferencing

HD or 4k video uplinks between
multiple event sites. All in realtime.

When you need to connect multiple events sites together for a realtime video conference, you need our point-to-point HD transmission services. Our multi city conferencing system replaces the need for expensive satelite uplinks and allows you transmit audio and video over the public Internet in realtime in either HD or 4k quality.

Our transmission service does not use consumer products like Skype or Zoom. This is a full HD solution that transmits over the latest video compression protocol that reliable and scaleable with incredible quality. You'll get access to the same transmission network that major broadcasters in the United States are starting to use to transmit in-field live footage back to their studios.

Through our service we deploy specially tuned video encoders at each event site to make the main mix and send it to the other locations. This works as a 2-way feed so each location and see and hear each other and have conversations between the sites all with less than 0.5 second delay. This also means that one venue can serve as the 'main site' and roll back graphics and videos that can be see in full HD quality at the other sites. And because this tech uses the public Internet it can work across the province, country or world.

Case Study: Bruce power announces $914 million in manufacturing contracts to four companies in Ontario

toronto mult city conference

In April 2018 Bruce Power made a major announcement awarding $914 million dollars in manufacturing contracts to four companies in Ontario. To celebrate the announcement they wanted to connect each site together and live stream the four sites up to Facebook & YouTube. In addition to the live streaming, Eventstream connected each site through our multi-city video conferencing tech to provide each city with a few of the others on the large 9'x16' screens. This enabled them each see the hear the other site while they celebrated the announcement.

Ready to connect your sites through an HD video conference?