Toronto Zoom Webinar Production
and Management

Let us handle all the technical details of
your next webinar so you can focus on the content

Webinars have exploded in popularity over the last five years thanks to higher corporate adoption and technological advances. Webinars are largely regarded as one of the best ways to capture new leads, teach customers about new products, and educate employees on new corporate developments and best practices. Simply put, people tune in to webinars to learn, and there’s no better online platform to educate your viewers.

With the proliferation of self-service webinar platforms, it's now easier than ever to setup and deliver your own webinar. The question remains though, will it be effective and free of technical issues? These are the concerns that come up for every webinar producer and the ones that we focus on alleviating for you. Our team of trained webinar producers work with your team to help you execute your webinars. From selecting and setting up the platform and registration systems, to dealing with technical support and registration issues, we help you along the way to deliver a seamless webinar allowing you to focus on the content, while we focus on the technology. Once the webinar ends, we’ll work with you to review the analytics reports, and determine potential areas of improvement of future webinars. We will also provide tried and tested methods for getting more registrants, and then converting those registrants into attendees.

Having produced many webinars, our team is well trained and committed to helping you achieve your marketing and training goals through webinars.


Webinar Services Include


Professional management

With Eventstream we’ll guide through every step of the webinar process. If you have any questions along the way, your account manager is just an email or phone call away. We aim to ensure your webinar experience runs as smooth as possible.

content schedule

Creation of content and work-back schedules

To help you prepare for your webinar, we’ll provide you with a work-back schedule for rehearsals, content delivery and other key milestones that are required for a successful webinar.

powerpoint presentation

Digital asset review and testing

We’ll review all your PowerPoint presentations to ensure they look good on the webinar platform, and test everything well before our first rehearsal date.

registration setup

Platform and registration setup

Wondering which platform is best for your webinar? We’ll work with you to help determine the right fit, set it up, and prepare all the registration details so you can begin to invite your guests.


Post event analyics

After the webinar, we’ll share with you all the analytics as to who registered, who attended, and how long they watched for. This data helps you track conversion rates, and enables you to send segmented follow up emails to each group.

receive questions

Question moderation

Interaction is what makes webinars great, and your attendees will likely have lot's of questions. Our technical moderator will help you organize the incoming question to pass only the relevant one to the speaker to answer.

technical support

Technical support

Attendees needing technical support can expect a quick and helpful answer from our team. You’ll never need to worry about sign-in issues, or missing plugins. We’ll work with your attendees to make sure they have everything they need to watch unimpeded.

recording for playback

Recording for on-demand playback

Your webinar will be recorded so you have direct access to it after it's done. Creating replays are easy and we can export the recording as a video file for you to share on your website or social networks.

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